Mass deworming, also called preventive chemotherapy, is the process of treating large number of people, particularly children for helminthiasis(for example soil-transmitted helminths(STH) and schistosomiasis infections in areas with a high prevalence of these conditions. It involves treating everyone-often all children who attend schools, using existing infrastructure to save money-rather than testing first and then only treating selectively. Serious side effects have not been reported when administering the medication to THOSE WITHOUT WORMS! And testing for the infection is many times more expensive than treating it.

Worm infection interfere with nutrient uptake; can lead to anemia, malnourishment and impaired mental and physical development; and pose a serious threat to children’s health, education and productivity. Infected children are often too sick or tired to concentrate at school, or to attend at all.

At Daheim Health Connect Limited, we take advantage of the fact that for the same amount of money, mass deworming can treat more people more cost-effectively than selective deworming! We offer a friendly, professional service and mass deworming exercises to groups, schools, communities etc at extremely competitive rates!

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