DaHeim Health Connect (DHC) Ltd is a duly registered Nigerian-based healthcare support services firm with special interests in healthcare consulting and preventive healthcare services.DHC provides range of healthcare support services such as professional vaccination services (Government, Corporate and individual or family), Preventive Chemotherapy Services (otherwise commonly known as Mass deworming). We interpret to you the medical terms and help our customers analyse the various health insurance from various health insurance firms in order to find the one suitable for them. We provide healthcare support services to public and private sectors of the economy. At present, we have international collaborations in Europe and the United States of America. Our Head office is in Lagos, with branch offices in Abuja, Portharcourt and Enugu

At Daheim Health Connect (DHC), your dreams matter to us. We understand the huge health challenges that make it harder to achieve your goals, and we’re ready to provide the assistance you need. We believe that your health success, no matter your current situation or economic status is achievable.

We work together with customers both in private and public sectors to help them lead a healthy, secure life. We provide our customers with personally relevant products and services, thereby helping them choose affordable health care plans, professional vaccination services, and preventive chemotherapy services in order to achieve optimal health outcomes.

We provide access to superior quality healthcare services and related financial protection programmes to employers, cooperate institutions, government parastatals, affinity groups and individuals around the globe.

Worldwide, we offer our customers and their families’ peace of mind and a sense of health security. We are with them all the way, through the most critical points in their lives.

To facilitate the enhancement of life and health status of subscribers through an affordable and effectively managed healthcare insurance program, to provide professional services on vaccinations to both individual, family including corporate organizations and the provision of other related health services tailored to meet basic healthcare needs.

Our consultancy services Diaspora Health Insurance plan provides the opportunity for Africans in the diaspora (US, UK, Canada etc.) to invest in a designated health insurance plan for family members in their respective home countries. Thereby giving access to quality health care services to their family members back home (DaHeim means home). This vision is reflected in our Diaspora Health Plan.

Our recent discovery shows that people living in Diaspora sends financial aid to family members back home to help them to offset medical bills. This is a trend that has been long in existence. Today we want to revise these trends and make it comfortable for family members to receive medical care at any time they wish and also to choose which hospitals/clinics they want to be treated. These services are covered by our various Diaspora health insurance plans.

We also discovered that many families in most African Countries do not have any health insurance coverage, this means that major sickness can be a financial stress, prompting urgent phone calls to Diaspora relatives. In as much as we want to help, we are sometimes cash-strapped to help out. This is where our Diaspora Health Plan becomes a necessity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends vaccination as the most effective way to prevent or reduce the severity of diseases, and by offering vaccination as a benefit to your family and employees, you can protect your family and business from the disease burden with attendant cost savings.

Here at Daheim Health Connect Limited, we believe that a combined service of vaccination and education is the best way to protect your family and your workforce. With our experienced team of medical doctors, pharmacists, Engineers, and registered fully qualified nurses specializing in vaccination, we can provide you with all the information you need to ensure that you minimize the disruption to your business that can be caused by outbreaks of preventable diseases. We offer a friendly, professional service and vaccinations at extremely competitive rates! Our processes are fully automated and digitalized for ease of information retrieval.
We do also offer onsite vaccination services for minimal disruption and convenience. Daheim Health Connect Limited can come to your home or workplace at a date and time that suits you to vaccinate your family or employees as the case may be. We will supply all vaccines and clinical materials and will dispose of all clinical and paper waste when we finish.


“Touching lives with quality, affordable and professional healthcare support services”


Our mission to help build and improve the health condition for families and individuals from all walks of life through professional healthcare support services from professional vaccination services, Preventive Chemotherapy Services (otherwise commonly known as Mass deworming), and concierge advisory services to members of the Diaspora on access to quality healthcare for their families back “home”. We will walk alongside you in your journey to health success.

Your better tomorrows can begin today.